Consumer loan calculator

What is a consumer loan calculator? A consumer loan calculator is a calculation tool that allows you to make online credit simulations. This type of tool can be found on online bank loan comparators but also directly on credit institution sites. A consumer loan calculator provides visibility into the borrowing possibilities and repayment terms of […]

Can I get a credit card with a bad credit?

Unfortunately, getting credit is often a no-win situation because you have to have a credit file to get it. This can be very frustrating, especially in desperate situations. Most people start building their credit report with a credit card, but if you do not have a credit report at all (good or bad), how can […]

How can debt settlement affect your credit?

  Sometimes people get so much consumer debt that they turn to the more drastic options, such as bankruptcy. Unfortunately, they make this decision because they are poorly informed and do not know of other options or solutions that would be available to them. Know that in some situations, people have so much debt that […]

Online Credit Redemption Loan

More than ever in 2017, the banking world has entered the digital world. More and more French people are using online banks to manage their entire accounts remotely. The motivations are mainly, the speed of banking treatments, savings on account fees and ease of management. Banks and insurers embark on the digital battle and face […]

Non – bank loans without income

Risks of non-bank loans without proof of income Non-bank loans without income can be tempting in some life situations, but beware of their risks. Many people have already encountered having to pay a registration fee or call an expensive telephone line, so in fact they have lost money. And often he didn’t get the loan. […]